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Current Road and Bridge Projects

  • MDOT – road and bridge projects
    • 22.18 mi of hot mix asphalt overlay, culvert replacement, ESS pavement sensor replacement, gravel shoulders and pavement markings on M-26 from M-38 to Twin Lakes Road, on M-38 from M-26 to Firesteel Road and on US-45 from the Baltimore River north to M-26, Ontonagon and Houghton Counties.
      • Start Date: June 20, 2023
      • Completion Date: September 30, 2023
    • Bridge rehabilitation of 2 structures including deep overlay, epoxy overlay, joint replacement, deck patching, brush block and railing patching, substructure patching, curb and gutter, guardrail and approach work on US-45 over the east branch of the Ontonagon River, M-64 over Mineral River.
      • Start Date: US-45 – May, 15 2023; M-64 – July 5, 2023
      • Completion Date: both projects October 20, 2023
  • OCRC – 2023 Spring Flood Update
    • The OCRC is currently waiting for the President to sign the FEMA declaration from Governer Whitmer.
    • The OCRC recently secured a $2 million MIchigan State Infrastructure Bank (SIB) loan to repair multiple roads damaged by excessive spring water runoff earlier this year.
      • Two damaged culverts will be repaired this fall by the OCRC
        • Storm sewer in White Pine
        • Culvert crossing S. Fair Oaks Road in McMillan Township
      • The OCRC will work with engineering services over the winter to develop plans for the three roads that are currently closed to local residents.
    • Current Roads Closures
      • Old M-28 between Hokens Road and Malner Road – Matchwood Township
      • 1 Mile Road between Larson Road and Gem Hill Road – Stannard Township
      • Amber Lake Road between Hall Road and US-45 – Haight Township